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Your Source for Natural Skin Care and Oils

At IE Shades of Afrika in Corona, California, we offer our customers a wonderful experience while providing them with a diverse selection of authentic, African merchandise. Many of our skin care products are imported from Africa to ensure genuine quality. For those looking for beauty products, we carry all-natural hair and skin care product, such as shea butter and soaps, as well as many fragrances and oils. We also offer all-natural, holistic health products to help increase the quality of your life.


Traditional African Skin Care

All of our hair, skin, and body products are made with natural ingredients, making them safe to be used on your body. Some of our imported African products include our African black soap and our 100% pure and unfiltered, raw shea butter. An anti-aging moisturizer rich in vitamin A, our shea butter has many benefits, such as being able to be mixed into lotions, hair treatments, and even whipped into body butter.

Moringa Leaf Powder

Oils, Fragrances, and Holistic Health

Browse our fine selection of essential oils and fragrances. Our selection consists of over 300 different fragrances and essential oils that are safe for your skin. We also offer carrier oils for massage therapists and a variety of blending oils so you can create the perfect scent.

Help your body by choosing from the holistic, health products we have in stock. We carry Moringa leaf powder, a product containing calcium and antioxidants to help you stay healthy. Our shop offers other products such as flaxseed oil and raw apple cider vinegar as well.